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Doug Pollard's Rainbow Report airs Thursday 1900-2000hrs AEST Joy 94.9 FM Melbourne Australia, streaming worldwide and via the Joy iPhone app, available free from iTunes. Follow The Rainbow Reporter on Facebook and @rainbowreporter on Twitter. He also edits The Stirrer You will find Doug from time to time on the Drum, Crikey, and wherever else he can earn a crust. But wherever you find him, the opinions belong to him and not to the platform he's standing on.

Rainbow Report on Living National Treasures

January 30th 2012 04:49
Kerryn Phelps
Prof Kerryn Phelps

Just a quick preview this week as I am currently unwell: but that won't stop me doing the show!!

Margaret Court has been nominated as a Living National Treasure by the Australian Christian Lobby and the National Trust of New South Wales.

But I think we have much better candiates on this week's show!

Professor Kerryn Phelps on the curious silence of the AMA & ASP over the Margaret Court Affair

Shelly Argent, spokesperson for Parents & Friends of Lesbians & Gays
Shelly Argent
Shelly Argent

Karen Toohey, Acting Commissioner Victorian Equal Opportunity & Human Rights Commission, on the commissions 'Fair Go Sport' program and why Tennis Australia should join it
Karen Toohey

Kate Carnell, former ACT Chief Minister and new CEO of beyondblue: she says Jeff Kennett will continue to be outspoken, but is she the liontamer they need?
Kate Carnell

Tuesday 1900hrs AEST Really Long Link or via the free iPhone app.

You can suggest nominees for National Living Treasure by emailing : or you can vote for an existing nominee here Really Long Link
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18 Comments. [ Add A Comment ]

Comment by Anonymous

January 31st 2012 09:43
re Tim Wilson as a national treasure.

Arrogance is not a virtue that displays virtues of being a national treasure and with his young age that will hopefully eradicate over time this stage in his life enjoy him and his nice effort of being a drum star and an i.p.a cutie!

Got a long way to go Tim and i look forward to that delightful dunning kreuger vice being lifted off when you eventually shine darl!

lets hope you never engage in the type of nasty politics we saw at the aus day events and adopt the great virtues of the wonderful gay lobby who are brilliant!

Hugs and kisses x0x0x0

Comment by melina

February 3rd 2012 02:29
Re: comments above on Tim Wilson

John Roskam has just confirmed on the a.b.c that Gina Rhinehart has appeared at various of their functions.

So next time Mr Wilson is on Joy he should disclose his involvement and if there are any conflicts of interests .

They should be disclosed.Play fair Tim

I don't care that he may have met her as it"s a private company but this is a community station.

I hope that the independent and credible nature of this wonderful and progressive station will not be corrupted in any way .

Having Doug Pollard at the helm i hope we are in safe hands.

Comment by Doug Pollard

February 3rd 2012 03:54
It is well known that Tim is a director of the Institute of Public Affairs and this is usually disclosed in his appearances on the show.

Unfortunately Joy 94.9 is not in my hands: I am a volunteer there specialising in news and current affairs.

Comment by Anonymous

February 3rd 2012 04:08
Don’t they ever get sick of doing their cash for comment tricks......? poor darlings.

Listening to Joy and all the articulate and wonderful people within the gay lobby /community, you don't have to resort to playing dumb, partisan politics.

This station is a real testament to that and thanks Dr Phelps for pointing out that "Freedom of Speech" does not equate to talking b.s.

Great interview there, what a gem that woman is, cherish her dearly!!

Comment by melina

February 3rd 2012 04:32
That's fine we know!

He is also on the Alfred Health Board if that hasn't been disclosed either.

Using this station for far -right propaganda is silly of he chooses to do it.

I hope the board of joy adheres to that principle of diversity and equality in their policies.


Comment by Anonymous

February 5th 2012 05:39
.....t it’s high time the media starting insisting on disclosure. That way, we’d know when we’re being spun a line. And we might start getting some real ‘balance’ and an informed debate.

Thats why i tune to independent radio like joy etc as the weasel words of think tanks don't get spun into commentary.

why does tim appear on joy any-way...? As a homcom/liberal its his right but whats that got to do with glbtiq issues any-way?

he should come on joy as himself ,or has his identity been lost amongst all that spin as well poor darls?

Comment by Doug Pollard

February 5th 2012 06:20
Tim gets a run now and then because he's that relatively rare beast, a right wing gay man, and we don't get many on Joy, most GLBTIQ pollies are lefties.

Comment by Anonymous

February 7th 2012 01:12
I liKe Tim Wilson,as stated above, a gen y "professional" politician and indeed one of a kind in the political scene thus far.

His ideas are sometimes extreme but he is adorable and a has "the whole package" which is great for politics and the g.l.b.t.i.q community.

I agree with you there Doug!

I only wish he would adopt less of the "controversial tag" and engage in REAL debates outside of that stupid shock jock demographic.

Comment by Anonymous

February 7th 2012 03:50
Anton Enus is an icon that never gets mentioned and is a consummate gentlemen.

You never see him on Joy as he doesn't need to advertise himself,.............. he just is!

Pure Class, sorry Tim et al.

Comment by Anonymous

February 8th 2012 22:57
Could Mr Wilson condemned the death threats made against Australian climate scientists by the insidious writings out of his organisation in the nasty and ugly campaign of climate denialism?.

An icon surely not .. you must be joking!!

Really Long Link

Comment by Anonymous

February 9th 2012 04:57
Spoke to soon, Tim Wilson on q and a next week...

Can't wait to see some depth to this guy at last!!

Tune in to this unique political beast ,according to Doug!

Comment by Doug Pollard

February 10th 2012 03:40
Anton Enus is employed by SBS and as a newsreader he cannot be seen to be taking sides politically. He did however pose with a rainbow flag and make a statement condemning Margaret Court during his attendance at the Australian Open.

Comment by Anonymous

February 11th 2012 04:23
Anton did that, great to see!

Did the gay lobby provide it for him Doug or was it as his own perusal?


Comment by Doug Pollard

February 11th 2012 08:04
I may have had something to do with that <blushes modestly>

Comment by Anonymous

February 17th 2012 05:51
Here is a question to the gay lobby,

Are any members of this lobby using this whole marriage issue as a segway into politics i wonder?

Are there "liberals in sheeps clothing" amongst some of these groups?

Its an amazing effort but i do wonder if its under false pretenses with certain individuals?


Comment by Doug Pollard

February 17th 2012 05:59
Thanks Greg, but I'm not aware of anyone with political ambitions besides yourself, though, as I told you long ago, I wouldn't mind being parachuted into a nice safe Senate seat for the rest of my days, if anyone has one going

Comment by Anonymous

February 19th 2012 23:41
I am not Greg, Doug, having said that having members of the glbtiq community in parliament like you would be nice!!

otherwise its pure tokenism with the political class playing silly games.

have a great week sir

Comment by Doug Pollard

February 19th 2012 23:53
He must have cloned himself again!

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