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Doug Pollard's Rainbow Report airs Thursday 1900-2000hrs AEST Joy 94.9 FM Melbourne Australia, streaming worldwide and via the Joy iPhone app, available free from iTunes. Follow The Rainbow Reporter on Facebook and @rainbowreporter on Twitter. He also edits The Stirrer You will find Doug from time to time on the Drum, Crikey, and wherever else he can earn a crust. But wherever you find him, the opinions belong to him and not to the platform he's standing on.

Anti-Marriage Rainbow Report

April 3rd 2012 04:07
Adam Hills Big Gay Wedding

Last week we talked about marriage. We seem to be doing a lot of that lately. We’ve talked about the TV same-sex wedding on Adam Hills show. We’ve talked about the Senate Inquiry into marriage.

Some of you are, understandably, a bit sick of hearing about marriage. I’m sick of having to talk about it. It feels as if I’ve been bashing my head against a cathedral wall over this one for the last ten years at least.

Some of you think there are more important things to work for.

Some of you think it’s an outdated anachronism that we ought to be trying to abolish, not join.

And some of you think that some of the campaigning has been, well, a bit tacky, even disrespectful.

One of the latter is Rev Matt Glover – the Baptist pastor who got thrown out of his church for supporting same-sex marriage. And he didn’t care for the Adam Hills TV wedding at all.

Then there’s those Victorian – in both senses of the word – Catholic bishops.

Their intervention in the marriage debate appears to have fallen flat, to say the least, with some priests failing to distribute their letter and many equal marriage supporters spurred to write in favour.

At the close of submissions to the Senate more that 45,000 people wrote to the Senate supporting equal marriage. Neil Pharoah of Rainbow Labor joins us to examine the entrails.

Outside the metropolis there are, believe it or not, some people who don’t even know they know any homosexuals, still less about marriage Michael Young lives with his partner over in Wyndham City, and right now, they’re interested in helping the locals get to know their LGBTI neighbours. Weddings can come later.

And most importantly, a new edition of the largest survey of LGBTI Australians, Private Lives 2, last published in 2005, is out. Today saw the launch of the new edition Liam Leonard from GLHV joins me to tell us what they found.

Join me. The usual reminder: here’s how you do it.

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8 Comments. [ Add A Comment ]

Comment by melina

April 3rd 2012 04:38
The celebrification of gay marriage is tacky at many more celebrities do you have to have jump on the bandwagon..?

Having said that , its been fun and worth the effort as its made "the burbs and bogans" wake up and talk about politics.

Excuse the deragoratory remark there but that demographic exists.

The societal norm has shifted and changed, so that's a great success!!

Comment by Anonymous

April 4th 2012 07:57
Really Long Link

Great article..!

Hope it saves some poor soul who is caught up in it and can't get out!!


Comment by Doug Pollard

April 4th 2012 09:01
I think most young people go through a hedonistic phase and then grow out of it, whether gay or straight. I wouldn't have missed it for the world but by the time I hit 30 I'd had enough of it - and, fortunately, it had had enough of me!! Nowadays there are all kinds of gay and gay-friendly clubs and associations for arts, sports etc which I wish had ben around back then!

Comment by Anonymous

April 9th 2012 00:01
um Doug not all are hedonistic in their youth believe it or not!!

Hard to comprehend but we do exist peeps

Not a prude but had fun with no extremism and proud of it

Were the nice and quiet ones-who have fun in other ways


Comment by Doug Pollard

April 9th 2012 01:34
Yup, I guess there's at least one Dot for every Phryne

Comment by Anonymous

April 9th 2012 03:50
Its nice that you got through it and are at Joy to inspire the next generation

Healthy hedonism now with accolades in The Age!!!

Well done Doug


Comment by Anonymous

April 9th 2012 11:18
Really Long Link

Lol still going strong at 50 ???

There is hope for us all!!

Happy Easter Doug et al

Comment by Anonymous

April 10th 2012 02:09
gay friendly clubs now,..,

Heres an idea that would help in the assimiliation process even further

An upmarket venue for the gay crowd operated by straight people and used for social purposes and networking open to ALL people

Taking the fruits in suits concept to another level thats not white gay male in numbers only

Time to really move on and have the community blossom to its full potential Doug and out of the ghetto mentality


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