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Rainbow Reporter - News, Current Affairs & Commentary from GLBTIQ to U with Doug Pollard

Doug Pollard's Rainbow Report airs Thursday 1900-2000hrs AEST Joy 94.9 FM Melbourne Australia, streaming worldwide and via the Joy iPhone app, available free from iTunes. Follow The Rainbow Reporter on Facebook and @rainbowreporter on Twitter. He also edits The Stirrer You will find Doug from time to time on the Drum, Crikey, and wherever else he can earn a crust. But wherever you find him, the opinions belong to him and not to the platform he's standing on.

On The Move AGAIN!!

April 15th 2013 02:12
pic by Doc Searles: Creative Commons

Following a complete makeover of the Joy website and servers, you can now find The Rainbow Report blog and podcasts on the Joy website, finally bringing all the programs web presences together in one location. Check it out here.


The Stirrer

December 23rd 2012 04:46

Just a reminder: The Rainbow Report has moved and now has a new home at the stirrer

Religion in Schools: the Rainbow Report

October 25th 2012 04:59
Why should we worry about religion in secular schools? Well, if you send your child for a secular education, and then find s/he’s being taught Scripture by a fundamentalist Christian, and worse, an amateur teacher, wouldn’t you be a bit mad? If s/he was only Instructed in one religion, instead of being taught by qualified teachers about many religions?

And if you’re gay, as I’m sure one or two of you are, how would you react if you found out that anti-bullying programs were not being put in place, or even removed, because they are alleged – by Christians and some right-wing journos – to be a way of turning children gay by stealth? Some people want any discussion of sexual diversity kept out of sex education classes for the same reason – it’s ‘teaching children homosexuality’.

That’s the situation we have at the moment. It’s particularly bad in Queensland, where the fundamentalists have virtually taken control of both major parties, and have infiltrated the schools to the point where creationism is being taught as science in some classes.

Chrys Stevenson, better known to most of you as blogger Gladly, The Cross-Eyed Bear, recently attended the Separation of Church and State School Conference, hosted by the Humanist Society of Queensland on 13-14 October, and heard some chilling reports.

One man has had some success in fighting back the tide of Christian infiltration. He won his case in the High Court, cutting off funding for the schools chaplaincy program, but the government found a way round the ruling. Ron Williams is about to go back to court again to get this latest fix struck down.

Adam Smith is an education analyst – at least, that’s what the caption said when he was on The Project – who’s appalled by all these goings on. He joins me in the studio to help guide us through the minefield.

Why should we care? Well, pretty soon the government is going to be making changes to anti-discrimination law. One thing that many of us will keenly watch will be the extent of the religious exemptions, which currently allow any organisation with even quite a tenuous claim to be ‘religious’ to ignore anti-discrimination law with respect to sexual minorities.

I don’t know about you, but I want them gone. What do you think? Should religious businesses be allowed to discriminate or should they operate on a level playing field? Do you want chaplains and Christian religious instruction in secular schools? Do you want gay issues kept out of sex ed? Let me know.

During the show SMS your thoughts to 0427 JOY 949 or email (onair) @ (joy).(org).(au).

Rainbow Report Thursday Oct 11th 7pm

October 11th 2012 03:18
Well, we got off to a good start last week with with Big Data: but our man from the Federal Police wasn’t happy. He thought he’d just be talking to an ordinary radio show, apparently, and felt a bit ambushed by the presence of people who knew what they were talking about. Sorry about that.

However, this week we’re on safer ground. I think

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Rainbow Report Thursday Oct 4th 7pm

October 3rd 2012 03:58
Simon Hackett , the founder of Internode, and Neil Gaughan, National Manager, High Tech Crime Operations, Australian Federal Police, join the Rainbow Reporter to discuss Big Data and the threat to your privacy, with James Newburrie and Rob Mitchell, Thu Oct 4 @ 7pm AEST.

Rainbow Reporter Doug Pollard - that's me - is celebrating more than 10 years of reporting and campaigning. And coming back with a bang! After a 3 month holiday, the long-running GLBTI news and current affairs show, The Rainbow Report, returns to Joy 94.9, Australia's only full time gay and lesbian radio station 7pm Thursday October 4

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Lycra Lovin’ Cancer Ride

August 23rd 2012 08:52
Check out the story on my current affairs blog and donate for my mate Ben's charity cancer ride!

Most Adorable Olympian

August 8th 2012 00:33
Matthew Mitcham Olympics
Pic stolen from Matthew on Facebook

I’m not really watching the Olympics, except by proxy aka reading posts on Facebook. I’m not that interested in sport, most of which strikes me as a waste of time. I mean, how do you stay sane through all those years face down in a swimming pool? And why?

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Doing the Double-Ender

August 3rd 2012 12:01
The title of my last post here - Breathing - now seems a tad ironic. Let me explain.

Five years ago I had my first colonoscopy and gastroscopy. That’s where they put one camera up your bum and another down your throat to get a picture of what’s going on inside. Now it was time for another check

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Still breathing

July 24th 2012 05:24

To reassure all the listeners who have wondered where The Rainbow Report - and the Rainbow Reporter - have been - I'm still here.

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"I told you, fix this bloody antenna or else! Dad keeps dropping out!

Alright, I admit it. I just can't stay away from the radio

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